Direct Referrals

Login and go to Referral page and you will see your referral link.

You will be rewarded once your referral has successfully verified his/her account.

You can only have 2 maximum referred accounts from the same IP Address. Though you can sign up for multiple account using normal registration (without referral link).

Rented Miners

15% of daily income earned (hashes) from the rented miner will be added on your account.

Rented Miners are users like you. They can be a Pesonet Shop owners, Internet Cafe Owners, or Miners with high specs computer/laptop for mining.

You can rent other Miners that mines Monero for you. If a rented miner mines, then you make money with it. The miners you can buy it here. A miner you can rent for 30 days and the cost for a miner amount to PHP20.00 for 5 miners (See the pricings here). After the 30 days, you can extend the term of the rented miners here.

Rented Miners are users like you. If the miners you have purchased aren't active, you will get no monero (XMR) by them. Therefore, your earnings are depended from the activity of the rented miners. Rented Miners that arenĀ“t active for more than 4 days will automatically be replaced by the system. A miner is considered as active in the system by mining 4-5 hours per day for a period of 5 days.

Keep in mind that you have to mine at least 4-5 hours today to earn from your rented miners tomorrow!

Login with your account and go to Referrals > Rented Miners > Purchase and select the number of miners you want to purchase. You will need to manually send the payment address to the offictial Coins.PH account of PesoMiner. We use Coins.PH account for purchasing process to avoid Payment fees from your and also we only accept peso (PHP) value due to unstable Bitoin (BTC) transfer fund rates which sometimes has a higher transfer fees :(

Take Note: After sending payment to PesoMiner Coins.PH account, it will take 1-2 business days to process your request. Once this process is done, you will be able to view the lists of miners you rented.

Our system needs to detect who are available and active miners to be rented. Ofcourse, we wanted you, as our valued miner, to earn more than your investment, so our system will choose the best and active miner from our records for you to be rented :)

You will need to mine at least 4 hours today using your mining link to get earnings from your rented miners tomorrow. Don't worry, even if your earnings from mining is a bit low, as long as you mine at least 4 hours today, you will receive 15% of total daily earnings from your rented miners.